Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Captions for The Paterno-Bryant Press Conference Photo

Yesterday I Posted this picture and told people they could write their own captions. They did not disappoint.

As expected there were a lot of comments about the cigarette being smoked by Coach Bryant. It was a different time and place. If this was a morning press conference half the people in the room were likely hung over—if it was an evening press conference half the people were probably already loaded.

The most striking thing is how different it was. Coach Bryant smoking, a small podium, at a Howard Johnson’s, no corporate sponsor for the bowl, no corporate logos behind the podium…all very much in the Pre-B.C.S. days.

Who says the good old days weren’t so good?

Without further comment on my part here are the best of the best—concluding with one final best overall comment which sums it all up at the end. Enjoy!

Comments on Coach Bryant smoking a cigarette:

Coachkc53 Kc coach

Best part of this picture is the coach sitting smoking a heater!!! What a different time!

MikelSevere Mike'l Severe

screw this speech, I'm getting baked.

thejuiceisgood thejuiceisgood

Joe's speech was so good The Bear needed a cigarette.

ihs107 Ira Smukler

@JayPaterno - is bear bryant smoking a joint?

Kennedy_A Kennedy Anderson

Smoking cigarettes at a PC = epic.

---Editor’s Note: as far as we know there is nothing in the historical record to suggest that Coach Bryant was in fact smoking anything other than a completely legal Chesterfield tobacco cigarette.

Comments on the Press Conference being at Howard Johnson’s:

TideGP Tide

Wow--I remember when Howard Johnson's was a big deal.

emerkow Eric Merkow

- The Downtown Howard Johnson's? Were the uptown and midtown HoJo's booked up?

Comments on the Two Guys Coaching:

IfBearWasLiving Today's Bear Bryant

Your Dad & I were swag before most knew what swag was.

FakeScarbinsky Scarbinsky

- Two Legends. Coach Paterno's pants match Coach Bryant's hats.

maddenry Ryan Madden

Those were the days, a young Joe Paterno in plaid pants he probably still owns, and Bear Bryant smoking!

ParrishWalton Parrish Walton

This is fantastic (h/t @JayPaterno). Bear was 4 bourbon's deep and already had his mind made up that he won the title.

krisbradley Kris Bradley

"hey Bear, you may not know this yet, but I am going to be coaching in the year 2011 and I am not kidding."

--Editor’s note: Both Coach’s were credited as the co-inventors of Swag. Bryant invented Southern Swag and Joe Paterno invented Brooklyn Swag. As for the plaid pants Joe probably does still own them.

Comments on Joe’s Plaid Pants:

Toconnell23 Tim O'Connell

- Coach Paterno strikes a confident pose thanks to a conveniently placed podium blocking his pants.

beerisgoodfood Dan

Joe inspires the Zubaz craze

mstewart39 Mike Stewart

"Which is more offensive? Mr. Bryant smoking during this press conference, or my plaid pants?"

jrehm23 Jeff Rehm

much like myself, these pants are timeless.

--Editor’s Note: I believe that Bobby Knight has a blazer to match those pants…..

Comments on Joe:

njdalal Nirav Dalal

Caption: I feel good; I can see myself staying in this for another 4 years as long as I stay healthy.

Alburicks1fan John J.

caption: when asked how much longer Joe is going to coach: "well I plan on coaching for another 3 or 4 more years"

--Editor’s Note: I believe he said I plan on coaching another 30 or 40 years

Best Overall Comment:

capnken Cap'n Ken

Too much awesome in this photo to fully absorb.

--Editor’s Note: That about sums it all up—just too much awesome to fully absorb.